Ngoc Lang Vegetable Village

Xã Bình Ngọc, Thành phố Tuy Hoà, Tỉnh Phú Yên
(0257) 389.3900



Not very far from the busy trading center of Tuy Hoa City to the South, there is a peaceful village with the beautiful name as its nature – Ngoc Lang Village. Ngoc Lang Village is located on a diamond-shaped land surrounded with river. This was the first place where the first Vietnamese people came to reclaim and settle down in Phu Yen more than 400 years ago.  Since newly established, this place was named Nguyet Tien Dong, at early XIXth Century, Nguyen Tien Dong was changed into Nguyet Lang and at late XIXth Century, Nguyen Lang was once more changed into Ngoc Lang.  Ngoc Lang Village has been strengthened with the alluvium from Da Rang river every year, therefore, the soil here is very rich and suitable for flowers, fruit and vegetables and this is also the long-standing industry in Ngoc Lang Village. Ngoc Lang Village was recognized as a traditional vegetable and flower village of Phu Yen Province. Just traveling by boat through Chua River, the tourists can visit this peaceful village to enjoy the beauty of a village right at the city center as well as to study more about a land on Nhan Mountain, Da River. 

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